28.04.2009 Convectors HCM and HCM4pipe


Dear customers, since June there will be offered long-awaited news for sale – floor convectors HCM and HCM4p. These convectors have been specially designed for intensive heating and cooling of rooms with the cooling output of approx. 1800W / 2m.

23.03.2009 MINIB COIL PTG

Due to new trends in the field of heating the company MINIB has developed a new product at the present time – convector SK PTG (self-standing convector). It is the convector with the autonomous source of el. energy, which supplies 12 V. The convectors with fans feature a significantly higher output considering the dimensionally identical convectors without a fan. A disadvantage of standard convectors with the fan is the necessity to feed in electric current for motors of the fan. In such case it is necessary to use a suitable power supply. But this power supply mostly permanently consumes electric energy needed for coverage of power supply losses, which can be 3 to 5% of the nominal power supply output. In addition there are costs of acquisition of this power supply and costs of electric installation. The initial purchase costs of the convector with PTG are compensated by saving of costs of electric installation including the power supply and by saving of electric energy during the use. Therefore the convector with PTG replaces the existing convectors without fans, where the emphasis on low consumption of el. energy is placed, where fast heating effect is needed and where the place must be saved. The output of convectors with PTG is basically controlled by temperature of heating water. It is possible to add the thermoregulation head to the convector. There is being prepared a wireless control with a wireless thermostat for convectors with PTG, which controls not only speed of the fan, but also the inlet of heating water. The usage of convectors with PTG in combination with the wireless control will enable to achieve a high effective operation of the heating system.



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